Construction 9 // View


55 cm x 75 cm
21.6 in x 29.5 in

Mixed media ( pencil drawing, watercolour paint, colour pencils, collage and gesso on paper)

"For those who have eyes to see ..." is a Universal Teaching that explains that clear vision is the goal of true perception. When the vision is obstructed, the ability to see and perceive, is not only affected but removed completely.

The figure’s head is directed towards left, referring to the saying “looking over one’s shoulder”. An anxious feeling and connections with a past are thus indicated.

The figure is locked into position by the shapes / blocks of pattern, and blocks in the lower half of the picture are dissolving, and suggests that her role and situation is temporary.

The pattern / grid forms organisational sequences, and is in this setting a symbol of a rigid situation, and the directions are expanding beyond the frame, suggesting that the figure and her surroundings are only part of something larger.
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