Construction 4 // Ignorance


80 cm x 50 cm
31.49 in x 19.68 in

Digital collage with painted elements and photography. Print available on request.

The figure in the picture has hands covering her ears, holding in place patches or blocks preventing her hearing and thus her sense of location and place. The multiple hands are visually moving in an upward motion, suggesting that the hand behind the other are ready to replace the one covering her ears. The hand covering her ears are tied to her neck, holding it in place, indicating a locked situation where the restriction of the movement symbolise a cycle of restricted information or
censorship. This may be a situation the figure herself has created, but are unable to break free of as a result of her surroundings.
Hands are widely used in art as a symbol of human connection and the fact that the hands in this picture seem to be part of the surrounding machinery creates unease and discomfort.

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