Construction 1


55 cm x 42 cm
21.6 in x 16.5 in

Digital collage based on watercolour painting. Print available on request.

Initially titled “Construction”, this picture marks the first in the Construction series where the artist’s own reflections are poured into visual explorations of fabricated realities, systems and emotion.

The horned female figure represents the presence of myth and heritage in the established modern, constructed society, and, also represents the tension between male and female forces. Horns have always been an important symbol throughout history and is present in every culture and in every religion, often as a symbol of male energy and God. With very few exceptions, horns and antlers are only borne by males, and is in this picture used as a symbol opposing male and female roles, but also as an image on the artist’s own spirituality and religious discoveries.

The thin lines and multiple directions in the picture symbolise the fragile balance between the two genders/ energies, and while the overall composition is stable, the diagonal lines and sharp angles suggest change and unbalance.
Process, about half way through.
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